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“I found them an improvement on the wine charm and more artistry expressive, write your name or a drawing, they are completely brilliant and washable. Of all the impractical accessories I accumulated in my search, Wine Glass Writer was the cheapest and most usable bit of frivolity.”

Lettie Teague
Chief Wine Columnist for the
Wall Street Journal



 Hostess gift, wine glass pens, party wine glasses

The Perfect Gift!

On their own, or coupled with a beautiful bottle, Wine Glass Writers make the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers or that special hostess. Your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors will love Wine Glass Writer…everyone does, really! Great conversation starter at parties, too.

 wine charms,  personalised wine glasses pens, charm alternative

Better than Wine Charms

No one enjoys frantically untangling wine charms before parties and after all that effort, half of us can’t remember which charm we picked anyway. Even worse, after every party — and without fail — a few find their way into the garbage disposal while washing up…and that’s never fun, is it?

 Wine tasting glass markers, wine glass pens

Perfect for Wine Tastings

A super easy way to recall what you’re tasting and what you liked! Write the name of the wine and vintage (and even your tasting notes!) directly onto your glass. Have fun and draw pictures of aromatic impressions (blueberries, cherries, tobacco)… and don’t forget to rate your wine with a few stars.

 write on platters or dessert plates, awesome pens write on glass, washes off

Label your Glazed Ceramics

Fun! Wine Glass Writers, are ideal to use on platters to label cheeses, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and more. Non-toxic and works wonderfully on glazed ceramics.


Get Creative and Have Fun

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a party. Our guests have had so much fun decorating their glasses for identification. Wow, some of our friends are great artists!

awesome pens write on mirrors, glasses etc. wash off with soap

Love Notes

Write love notes or “Honey-Do” lists on bathroom mirrors or even car rear view mirrors (help the one you love remember to pick up the kids!). The Wine Glass Writer writes well on mirrors, washes off with window cleaner.

glass pens for personalised wine glasses, washes off

Works Great on Stemless Wine Glasses

What else could you possibly use other than the Wine Glass Writer?!


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Wine Glass Writers are for so much more than just your wine glass. Have fun and get creative by clicking below!