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12 Days of Holiday Favorites

The Christmas season only comes once a year but our favorite feeds on Instagram are around all year long. And since they are, we thought we'd share them with you along with some holiday cheer. For the first 12 days of December, we have partnered with our favorite Instagram feeds to countdown to the holidays with a new gift to win every day. Each day someone will win an entire collection of Wine Glass Writers, including the highly sought after holiday collection, along with many more surprise gifts along the way.

So no matter what holiday you're counting down to this December, you can celebrate knowing that every day is a new chance to win! Keep an eye on our Instagram account and follow along with this blog to find out where to enter each day. GOOD LUCK!


December 1 Erika Bault,

Erika is a wife and mother of two (and one on the way) living in Indiana.  Previously a high school business teacher, she now stays home, homesteads and writes on her blog Full & Simple.  She believes that it is possible to create a full life through simplicity.  Follow her on Instagram and visit her on her blog if you're ready to start living a life that is anything but plain!


December 2, Caroline Bender,

Caroline is a calligrapher, graphic designer & homebody who runs her life on top knots & simple living. Head to her shop and follow her on Instagram, you'll fall in love with her creativity.


December 3, Marcia Rothfield,

Too many wine drinkers attempt to protect their wine glasses from pests, topping their glass with napkins and even cell phones. Marcia and her husband Dean designed the WineGuard to make it possible for you to sit back & relax between sips, keeping fruit-flies & debris out of your wine glass, while still allowing your wine to breathe. Head over to the WineGuard website and follow them on Instagram to see how you can make your glass a no-fly zone. You can also purchase WineGuards on and now BYE BYE FLY!


December 4, Jessica, In Succulent Love

Jessica says she started her blog by accident in college while pursuing her love of traveling. When she's not all around the world, she's exploring new things to do in her hometown of San Diego. She has also started a succulent business because she says she is totally obsessed with all things succulents. Head over to her website and follow her on Instagram to get to know her.


December 5, Jamie Hord,

Organizing comes naturally to Jamie but she believes it's a skill anyone can learn. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram to find out how she can help you maximize your time & bring more peace to your life.


December 6, Monica Leed & Melody Mesick,

SIMPLY SPACED is a professional organizing company focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces. Headed up by label-loving co-Founders Monica Leed and Melody Mesick, Simply Spaced helps clients clear the clutter and streamline the home in style. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram to get started.



December 7, Dominique Pratt, Classy Mama Designs 

Dominique has found a way for you to put your story where your heart is. Her hand-made jewelry is chic, meaningful & can last a lifetime. Check out her shop and follow her on Instagram, you'll fall in love with her designs just like we did.


December 8, Cebastien + Robin, Dryland

Dryland Wilds forages the high desert for common and invasive plants - bringing you real desert perfumes and botanical skin care from the Wilds of New Mexico! Visit their Website and follow them on Instagram to learn more. Smell the desert.


December 9, Natalia Soriano Cruz,

Talia says she wanted to be a writer until she realized, in her opinion, that she wasn't all that good at it. Taking photos, on the other hand, was a different story. Now a destination wedding photographer she says 'who doesn't like photos to go along with a bunch of words?' Visit her photography site and follow her on Instagram for inspiration.


December 10, Ashley Stamoulis, SUTHINGIRL.COM

Ashley Stamoulis is the founder of the lifestyle brand SUTHINGIRL and creator of the SUTHINSTYLE BOX, a seasonal collection of fashion, food and finer things discovered from talented makers around the South and sold on SUTHINGIRL.COM. Follow her on Instagram to get to know her.


December 11, Vija Kuras,

Vija has always enjoyed playing hostess with the mostess which led to the creation of Grenville Society. Her mantra is 'Be Kind. Ge Useful. Bring Wine.' Check out her shop and follow on Instagram to be a great guest & hospitable host.


December 12, Sherry McAnelly, Events + Webinars

Sherry is a holistic health coach, beauty blogger, and mother of two living in Orange County, CA.  She loves sharing health tips, clean beauty finds, and delicious recipes with her friends and followers.  She loves traveling, trying out new restaurants, and living near the beach. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration.


Good luck to everyone who has a chance to enter the 12 days of gifting and don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram @wineglasswriter and #wineglasswriter - we may feature you on our page.

We wish you a happy holiday and may this season be filled with peace, love and wine. 



12 Days of Holiday Favorites
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